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Community Leader | Abby Pruet

Community Leader | Abby Pruet

A Lover of Animals

-Liesel Schmidt

“I’ve always believed that how we treat animals says the most about who we are as people. I love animals and feel a connection with them.”

While Abby Pruet may have majored in English, the USA alum holds a role that’s less about words and more about action. Over the past seven years, she has served as executive director of the Baldwin Humane Society, managing the organization’s daily activities and directing it toward achieving the goals of their overall mission and vision as well as fundraising, managing BHS’s budget and strategic planning. “As is the case with most non-profit roles, being the executive director means I often have to wear a lot of different hats on any given day,” Pruet says. “We always joke that it’s never boring here at the Baldwin Humane Society!”

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Since assuming executive directorship, Pruet has updated much of the technology that BHS was previously using as well as beginning the process of streamlining how the organization communicates with its donors and tracks important data. “I’ve also worked with the staff and organization leadership to put more focus on community outreach like our public medical assistance program and community Trap-Neuter-Return program,” she says. “We all know Baldwin County is growing at an accelerated rate. My vision for the organization is that we continue to evolve our services and programs to meet the needs of our community. I would love to see us not only grow our adoption and pet transport program, but also find more ways to proactively help citizens and their pets. We have programs that help with pet food, facilitating vet care for low-income families, and spaying/neutering community pets. My goal is to make all these programs more accessible and impactful.”  

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