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Bride: Ann +Tyler

Bride: Ann +Tyler

Photos by: Emily Songer Photography

Anne Townsend + Tyler

-Liesel Schmidt

As well-meaning as they may be, friend “fixups” don’t always pan out…but that was not the case for Anne Townsend Froemming and Tyler Love when they met in 2019 after months of their friends trying to make a meeting happen. “We both went to meet some mutual friends at a brewery in Birmingham,” says Anne Townsend. “Our friends pulled up two chairs at a table and made us sit next to each other. While all eyes were on us, I felt like conversation would be awkward and we would never go on an actual date. Boy, was I wrong. Within a few days of meeting, we went on our first date.”

Years passed, and the couple knew that theirs was a story meant to end with forever. “Tyler had planned a big family trip for both our families out to Oregon, and he, along with our party planner extraordinaire, Alexis, planned an amazing winery tour in Willamette Valley,” Anne Townsend recalls. “We boarded a big party bus and set out for the first winery. Tyler was pouring buckets of sweat the entire time, but I assumed he was hot like always. After finally making it, we sat for a delicious wine tasting and appetizers at the beautiful Stoller Winery. Harrison, Tyler’s twin brother, suggested we head outside for a family photo. After turning around to see that no one else followed, I quickly realized what was about to happen. Tyler dropped to one knee and said something beautiful—though I can’t remember because I think I blacked out from shock—followed by, ‘Will you marry me?’” 

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A few months later, Anne Townsend’s words to Tyler were much more eloquent than the “Uh huh” that she gave as a response to his proposal, when she met him at the altar on June 24, 2023, wearing a strapless gown with a double lace overlay to exchange vows. Surrounded by their loved ones, the couple were pronounced married at The Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa before joining their guests for an onsite reception.

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