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Community Leader: Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack

Community Leader: Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack

“Blessed are the Peacekeepers”

-Liesel Schmidt

Born and raised in Alabama, Huey Hoss Mack has spent almost his entire life in Baldwin County—creating personal ties that inspired a career of service to the community he grew up loving.

It was his grandfather’s murder in Escambia County in 1982, however, that directed his path of service. Three years later, in 1985, Mack began a career in law enforcement with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences as a crime scene investigator and analyst. “Because of my grandfather, I wanted to work in the field to assist those who have experienced similar tragedies and are the victims of crime,” says Mack.

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In 1989, Mack transferred to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office as a Criminal Investigator, working crime scenes. He was promoted to lieutenant over the Criminal Investigation Division in 1995 and reached the rank of captain in 2004, at which time he became chief investigator of the Criminal Investigation Division. He also served task forces including the U.S. Customs Blue Lighting Task Force, the Baldwin County Major Crimes Task Force and the Child Abuse Task Force, in addition to serving as a consultant with many other law enforcement agencies and a U.S. Marshall Special Deputy. He ran for the office of Baldwin County Sheriff in 2006 and was elected to his first term. He is currently serving his fifth term as Baldwin County Sheriff.

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