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Bride | Adam + Hannah

Bride | Adam + Hannah

The Game of Love

-Liesel Schmidt

When Hannah Mikkelsen and Adam Chandler met as college freshman at Troy University in 2015, neither was ready to get into a serious relationship—despite the fact that there was undeniable interest on both sides. Over the next three years, the two built a strong foundation of friendship, and during their senior year, they took the leap into more. “I know this man through and through, and he knows me just as well,” says Hannah, who now works as a chiropractic assistant, while Adam tends bar. “It just made us love each other even more.”

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Over the next few years of dating, that love grew even stronger, and Adam surprised Hannah with the question that would change their relationship forever. “One night, we were at home, and we had been planning to play a date night game we had seen online,” recalls Hannah of that life-altering day in September of 2020. “COVID shutdowns were still happening in Birmingham, and we were looking for anything to do to have some fun. We had planned to go to the store and get some things for the game, which included categories of something in a favorite color, something to drink, something to eat, an activity to do, and something to wear. We were having a great time, and we got to the last category: Something to wear. I turned around and pulled out the shirt I bought him, and when I turned back to him, he was holding an engagement ring! He really had me beat in that category!”

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