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Bride: Kathryn + Harper

Bride: Kathryn + Harper

Kathryn + Harper

-Liesel Schmidt

“Hey little mama, you want to dance?”

Maybe not poetry, but when Harper Haygood spoke those words to Kathryn Delahunty at a college party in 2017, it was the beginning of their love story. “A dear friend of mine had introduced us to each other at one of our sorority and fraternity swaps, and then we saw each other a couple nights later at a Halloween party. He walked up to me and asked me to dance, and I was swept away.” 

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The two began dating three months later and continued to see one another throughout college. When Harper graduated and moved to Birmingham while Kathryn finished college and stayed in Fairhope, they dated long distance for the next 18 months. Then, on Labor Day of 2022, Harper asked Kathryn a question that was more beautiful than poetry.

“Harper decided to drive down on Friday and got stuck in two hours of traffic on the interstate, barely making it for sunset,” Kathryn recalls. “We went to our favorite place, The Fairhope Yacht Club, and when we got there, he had everything set up, from rose petals to a ‘Kathryn, will you marry me?’ sign and pictures of us. When I saw it all, I screamed, ‘Yes!’”

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