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Supermom | Holly Johnson

Supermom | Holly Johnson

The Chief Financial Officer of Coastal Growers, LLC in Atmore, Alabama, Holly Johnson oversees the financial operations of the corporation and its peanut shelling facilities, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of financial management and business strategies. Johnson is a graduate of USA with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Major in Accounting as well as a CPA—all of which make her an incredibly valuable asset for an organization that oversees and deals with operations and contracts in multiple states.

As much as they depend on her at work, there are people in her life who need her even more: her husband of 12 years, Joseph—more widely known as “Joby”—and their combined five children. While most of them are all grown now and establishing their own lives and their own families, Johnson has been an important part of raising not only her own children, but also those that came to her through marriage. Now, at 45, she is a wife, a mother, and even a grandmother—though a young one, at that, having become one at 38. 

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