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Supermom | Allyson Pearce

Supermom | Allyson Pearce

Over the past 24 years, Allyson Pearce has built a solid career as an attorney, practicing law in the areas of bankruptcy, criminal, and real estate throughout south Alabama. As the owner of her own law firm for 22 of those 24 years in the legal profession, Pearce has learned what it takes to create a successful business: the long hours, the thankless work, the sacrifices. While she has a lot on her plate as a busy professional, she still understands the importance of putting equal time into her family—especially her two teenaged daughters. 

“Being a working mom—especially an attorney—is hard,” she admits. “I am always asked how I do it all, but the best answer to that question is that I don’t. I may let the dishes go, not get around to folding clothes, not do my hair, but I never miss the moments I can grab with my girls. I am lucky to be flexible since I am my own boss, so I have never missed a game or program at school or whatever they have ever needed. I try to live by being flexible, be able to laugh at yourself, and enjoy the little moments!”

Even with the often taxing schedule she keeps with her law practice—and now, also as a real estate agent in partnership with her husband—Pearce knows that she’s setting an incredible example for her daughters. “I feel that being a working mom enriches my children’s lives because I have a passion for helping people, and they see that,” she says. “They see that there is more to life than just serving your own needs. There’s a bigger picture. But they also see that I never gave up on the path that I wanted to pursue. It’s sometimes a struggle for me, balancing family and work; but I hope they learn life lessons through my being a working mom. I want them to see that they can create their own financial independence and contribute to society.”

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