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Community Leader | Mayor Sherry Sullivan

Community Leader | Mayor Sherry Sullivan

A Woman of the People

-Liesel Schmidt

Elected in November of 2020, Mayor Sherry Sullivan came into office in one of the greatest times of turmoil in recent history. Uncertainty over COVID and the many ways it would affect the future were all weighing heavily on people—both on a national level as well as a local one. Still, Sullivan stepped into office, taking on the mantel of responsibility to the people of her community with grace and humility, knowing full well that she had a big job to do and a heavy burden to carry.

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Having worked for the City of Fairhope for almost 17 years, Sullivan was hardly new to city politics, nor was she unfamiliar with the needs of Fairhope’s people. In her work, she was responsible for communications, events, the senior center, and the museum and took over the recreation department. She was also the project manager for the Fairhoper’s Community Park rebuild, Fairhope Soccer Complex and recently served as Director of Governmental Affairs and Economic Development for Riviera Utilities, trying to find ways to help government work for and with the people to help better their lives. “While working for the city, I also served on the leadership team during Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina,” Sullivan says. “I coordinated services for our residents and utility crews and helped to set up a medical unit in the Fairhope Rec Center gym during Katrina. I have also been involved with numerous community organizations. So many organizations contribute to the quality of life in Fairhope, and I am proud to have served with them.”

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