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SuperMom | Jennifer Shirley

SuperMom | Jennifer Shirley

SuperMom: Jennifer Shirley

-Liesel Schmidt

While Jennifer Shirley may have three kids at home, the Realtor feels the importance of having something to devote herself to outside of her family. “Not to take anything away from stay-at-home moms, because they are my heroes,” says Shirley, who has been a licensed real estate agent since 2006 and now works for Bellator Real Estate & Development. “But for me personally, I enjoy working and being able to have some separation from life at home and my work life. I feel accomplished when I’m done after a day of working but equally accomplished when I lay down at night after wearing my mom hat!”

Mom to a twelve, nine and six-year-old, Shirley knows that her kids are watching her to find an example, and she knows that what they see is her drive. “I think my kids are taught a sense of work ethic and also learn to appreciate the things we have and do because of our hard work,” she says. 

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In her career, she has accomplished a great deal to take pride in, but Shirley also sees the correlation between life and work lessons—and she hopes to pass those on to her kids. “There is an award given by our company called the Eric A. Jones Award that is voted on by our peers and decided on by management,” she says. “I received this award in 2017, and it made me realize that you can be as successful as you want in your career, but at the end of the day it’s the impression you leave with people that truly matters. I want my children to know that very thing. I always tell them, ‘You get what you give,’ and I live by that! I hope they will too.”

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