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Bride | David + MaryZane

Bride | David + MaryZane

Secret Love

-Liesel Schmidt

There’s a saying that, when you know, you know. For MaryZane Herndon and David Brush that statement has more than just a little bit of truth to it. Their story of boy meets girl, while the same in all the important parts—boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love—has some unique aspects that will undoubtedly make it fodder for family lore for years to come.

“The first time David and I met; we were at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner in Daphne. Then the next day, there was another birthday celebration for the same friend but in Mobile,” MaryZane recalls. “Unbeknownst to me, David set it up so that he would need a ride home and made sure that I was the only one traveling in the same direction. So when he asked the group if anyone could give him a ride to his car, I volunteered. When we were almost to his car, he asked me if I would go get a drink with him sometime. At the time, I was working and had a hectic social life and told him that I just had too much going on.”

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Still, David was undeterred. A few months later when lockdown hit in March of 2021, a celebration of life for their mutual friend’s father brought the two back together—and gave David another chance. “After the memorial service, a girl friend and I met David and his friend for drinks, and David decided to “shoot his last shot” one more time. Luckily, I wasn’t too busy, and our story began”

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