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Community Leader | Meg Lowry

Community Leader | Meg Lowry

An Educated Woman

-Liesel Schmidt

After retiring from the Alabama State Department of Education, former teacher Meg Lowry stepped into the role of Executive Director of the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF) in August of 2021. “I wanted to find something that matched my skill set and fueled my passion for making a difference in education,” says Lowry.

“Making a difference” is precisely what FEEF does, as the organization directly impacts students. “My job is covered by an endowment, so all the funds that we generate go right back into schools—which means we can do so much more for the students,” Lowry says. “The seeing and doing that is done in STEAM-centered, hands-on, authentic learning like our signature ‘Down by the Bay’ field trips cannot be duplicated. This is learner-centered education.”

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More than someone who simply understands the administrative side of the education system, Lowry also brings her understanding of teaching. “I think being in the education system is my calling,” she says. “That may sound simple, but it is really quite complex. I don’t think ‘non-teachers’ quite understand. Teaching is very difficult. There is a true art and science to teaching, and it’s not for everyone. I have always loved school—even loved professional learning as a teacher. I have spent a week at Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Space Camp—where we burned up our space-walker on reentry—Environmental Camp, and also filmed and worked with Dr. Doug Phillips (Discovering Alabama) at UA. I finished my BS with 304 hours and have two Master’s degrees. I just love learning and sharing knowledge with people. I retired from Alabama schools with 22 years in education. That is why being the state administrator of public school libraries is such meaningful work.”

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