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SuperMom | Kayla Moody

SuperMom | Kayla Moody

After childbirth, there’s no one who understands the struggles of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction more than a mother. For physical therapist Kayla Mowdy, the struggles faced everyday by individuals with these very personal issues was the inspiration for creating her private practice clinic, Future Physical Therapy, in 2020. “I wanted to provide access to pelvic health physical therapy services to an area of Baldwin County that has never had a PT clinic like ours,” she says. “We exclusively treat patients with dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles and create a comfortable environment where our patients/clients can discuss their bowel, bladder, pelvic pain, and pregnancy pain issues and get relief. We help patients realize they are not alone with some pretty intimate struggles that many people don’t talk about, even with their doctor.”

As much of her time and attention as the clinic requires, there’s something that is even more important to Mowdy: her family. The mother of a three-and-a-half-year-old son and a new baby girl, Mowdy and her husband have been married eight years. Even with two small children at home, however, Mowdy considers her work to be important—and life changing, for both herself and her patients. “I absolutely love my work. It is a calling, not just a profession,” she says. “I help moms struggling with the impacts that pregnancy and childbirth have on our bodies. It was my patients that actually inspired me to become a mom, and it has been so rewarding.”

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